We Make Paying Profitable EPC Financial is a vendor-payment management and consulting company that focuses on streamlining our client's payment methods at no cost. Wondering how that’s possible? We’ll show you. Every Penny Counts Show Me How
Attention Business Owners:

The future is HERE.

Sending out individual checks? Paying vendors that way is outdated and inefficient. EPC’s streamlined and secure process translates into stress-free payment rollout for your business or facility.  Out with the old, in with the new.

Reduce Processing Costs

Payments by check can cost you over $30 a transaction. EPC slashes 2/3rd's of the cost by reducing printing, postage, and employee processing time.

Incredible Rebates

You will receive rebates for every payment made, based on the transaction volume and type of payments processed through our system.

Safe and Secure

With our updated system, our clients can keep track of all payments made to ensure that there are no glitches or missteps along the way.

With EPC,

Your AP process will never
be the same.

At EPC, we will completely TRANSFORM your vendor payment process. Using the incredible power of credit cards, we streamline your payments to vendors to provide a huge boost to your company’s bottom line.

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We offer a solution to your company’s accounts payable problems

Not only does the EPC system eliminate payment hassles so that you can focus on your business, we do it at no cost to you.

The process is simple.
Let us show you how.