Our Business Model

EPC eliminates our clients’ need to send individual checks to each vendor, a process
that is outdated, slow, expensive, and risky.

How It’s Done:

No Extra Costs

Yes- you’re reading that right. We help increase the bottom line for your company in not one, but THREE different ways:

How it’s done:

By paying your vendors via virtual cards and credit card.

You, the client, remain in control of the payment process the entire time. EPC is there with the credit card expertise and unique understanding of the payment industry to complete the payment on your behalf. We maximize card benefits to earn a nice reward for you.

And... that’s it.

There are no extra costs involved, and we don’t charge our clients an extra penny for the service. 

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.
We do it because we are then able to maximize on the benefits of our credit card transactions. As an incredible added bonus, your vendors benefit from this process as well, because they get their money in a faster, more efficient, and more secure manner. 
Win-win? We think so. And so will you. 
When you choose to implement our system, it will leave you wondering why you hadn’t done it sooner.
Why Choose EPC Financial? Here's why:

The EPC Process Benefits:

Simultaneously creates
an additional revenue stream
while saving you money

Eliminates the hassle
of confirming payments
and replacing lost checks

Ensures that
your payment process
is secure as can be

Provides automatic
invoice receipts
so you can track payments

Saves you valuable time,
allowing you to focus
on your business

Tremendously improves
your relationship
with your vendors




The key to our success? Complete transparency with our clients.

We’re here to help make your payment process profitable in a smooth, open manner.